Take Me Home Peter Pan, the Real World Sucks

Take Me Home Peter Pan, the Real World Sucks



“These are the best days of your life, enjoy them. I wish I was your age again.”

Sure Mum, my life is better than yours. You’re grown up, have your own money, house, and car, and you don’t have any homework to do when you come home. You just read the newspapers and go to bed. And I bet adults don’t pull down your skirt at discos either.

Mum had a point. 

Yesterday was my last day in the office I was working in over summer and Holy Cow did it make me appreciate being a student. I’ve had plenty of jobs before, but not a proper 9-5 one. My alarm went off so early, that I didn’t even feel tired…if that’s possible. I used to have to get up at half six for school (the joys of living in the middle of nowhere) and I could deal with that, but quarter to six? That’s still nighttime. I almost felt excited when it went off, as if I was going on holiday. But no, I was just going to work.

After my first day, I couldn’t even speak when I got home. I just sat on the couch like a dead vegetable, while Mum made dinner and then did the dishes. How did she have so much energy? After dinner in front of the t.v., I had a shower and went to bed, and the next day, I got up and did it all over again. 

And then after the working week, you only have two free days. TWO DAYS. Say Saturday night you go out, you spend Sunday hungover, and then you’re back to work on Monday.

I should mention that I was only doing week on, week off (I know, I don’t really have the right to complain), but I’m thinking of the people who work full-time, like my Mum and the people I worked with. Although, I guess I’m also thinking of myself because I’ve just got a glimpse of what my future might hold – what I’ve just been through, but with no weeks off and maybe some kids to look after and a house to run. I might even have to consider living in a town. 

Kill me now. 

Let’s compare:

A day in the life of a Student:

5am: Sleeeeeping. Glorious sleeping.

6am: Sleeeeeping. Glorious sleeping.

7am: Still Sleeping.

8am: Sleeping still.

9am: Alarm goes off. I whimper at how early it is.

10am: Day dreaming in a lecture.

11am – 13pm: Sit in a cafe and read a book. Thinking I’m cool.

13pm – 15pm: Few more classes.

16pm: Back in the flat.

16pm – 19pm: Read a bit more of my book, watch some t.v., have some dinner.

20pm: Ah, may as well go out.

A day in the life of full-time employment:

5am: Fuck. Only 45 minutes until I have to get up. 


7am: In the car.

8am: Still in the car.

9am: Work begins.

9 – 17pm: Work continues.

18pm: In the car.

19pm: Make dinner.

20pm: Watch Come Dine with Me.

21pm: Shower.

21.30pm: Bed.

22pm:  Asleep.

Peter Pan, my suitcase is packed, when shall I be expecting you?




2 thoughts on “Take Me Home Peter Pan, the Real World Sucks

  1. I have to say, I totally agree with your Mum. These are the best years of our life… However, you’ve got to remember that this ‘Full time job’ you were embarking in, was just a job. And what your Mum does is a Career. Its got to be a lot easier waking from your nightly slumber, knowing your off to do something that pleases you.

    1. Oh yeah, definitely! And I hope I’ll be one of those people. But I might have to put up with a few of those jobs before establishing my career, and this has just made me appreciate the ridiculous amount of free time I have right now!

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