Viva Las Vegas? Nah, Viva Glesga!

Viva Las Vegas? Nah, Viva Glesga!


A few years ago, the dad of a friend said to me that he can’t understand these people who have seen so much of the world, yet very little of their home country.


I have been living in Glasgow for two and half years, yet when someone asks me what there is to do here, I freeze, spout something about museums (which I have never been to), and change the subject. Utterly SHAMEFUL.

It’s stupid. If I went to Paris, I would see the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame (and hopefully Quasimodo), the Louvre, I would walk along the Seine, maybe get a river boat, eat some snails, yet because I’ve lived in Scotland my whole life and been to Glasgow quite a few times, I somehow don’t even think about visiting the famous (and less famous) attractions that help make it such a great city. And so I’m going to change this – I’m going to be a tourist in my own city and I’m going to blog about it. Like a travel writer, but without the travel.


And the first stop? Glasgow School of Art – Balkanarama. A ‘Hot Balkan Instrumental Orgy’, apparently.

This should be interesting…

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