Easy Peasy, Nice’N’Sleazy

Easy Peasy, Nice’N’Sleazy


So I promised a ‘Hot Balkan Instrumental Orgy’, but as drunken nights tend to go, plans were not followed through. Basically, I am a FAILURE at this whole focused blog thing. Seriously, I’m beginning to think that the only thing I’m good for is loving cats.

The thought of going to the Glasgow School of Art, however, was causing a bit of pre-night out jitters. I only know a few people from the art school, but they all have that effortlessly cool look that would cost me £100 in Urban Outfitters to achieve – £100 that I do not have and so therefore cannot achieve. The pictures of the event also looked extremely crowded which was adding to my nerves.

God, I’ve just realised that I would be the worst travel writer EVER.

But anyway, I did go to Nice’N’Sleazy for the first time – a bar in Glasgow that is renowned for it’s ‘hipster vibe’. I’m still not exactly sure what a hipster is, but I have heard that they reject all things mainstream and I just can’t decide if this bar/club is mainstream or not. The music was completely foreign to me and there was definitely something different about the crowd…

Stranger at the bar: ‘Man, this song, it just goes through my TEETH, you know?’

Me: ‘Yeah…yeah, it’s a real…teeth breaker?’

And everyone was very nice and polite – no pushing at the bar, no dodgy grinders on the dance floor, the only drink spilt on my dress was my own…but as for the actual bar/club, I don’t really know what sets it apart from other places. At the end of the day, a room filled with sweaty bodies and a smoke machine is just another club and while I had a really good night, I think I’d rather be in The Garage (known for it’s somewhat scaffy vibe) where the drinks are cheap, the dodgy grinders are dodgeable, and even if the songs don’t go through my teeth, I know the lyrics and can sing my drunken heart out.

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