Standing Ovation for The Stand

Standing Ovation for The Stand


I’m just going to go ahead and pretend that three months hasn’t passed since my last post.


When I decided to do this whole tourist-in-my-own-city blog, I looked up lists of things to do in Glasgow and one thing that kept popping up was The Stand Comedy Club. Since it’s literally about two minutes away from my flat, I thought I may as well go and see what its £2.00 Tuesday night showcase has to offer.

Not much, apparently.


When the backdrop of the stage is a painting of a cowboy holding a gun to his head, you sort of know you’re in for a good night. Although, being a showcase, it’s really just luck of the draw so if you go and it’s crap, don’t blame me.

The comedian that I remember most fondly is Daisy Earl. Her humour is very self-deprecating, but who doesn’t like a bit of that? She began her sketch with a story about her Mum telling her that she should wear more ear-rings because they would make a nice reference point for her face.

“Who is so ugly that they actually need a reference point for their face?! Oh, I can see hoops, that must be a human.”

She’s also a good storyteller, brilliant at accents, and seems to take heed of the mundane moments of life that could be, when related correctly, hilarious. It was also nice to know that I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed her sketch, proving that the whole I’m sorry, but female comedians just aren’t funny is a load of shit. So yeah, go Daisy.

Darren Connell was another hit whose tales centred around drug taking and drug…come downing (?). He was the Master of funny facial expressions, the long pause, and…well, the weird. His imitation of a baby mermaid washed ashore has not yet left my psyche. I’m probably stuck with it for life, actually.

And then there was Hari Sriskantha, a funny, adorable geek, struggling to get a girlfriend because he follows the subliminal messages in films.

“Locking a girl up does not work, contrary to what Beauty and the Beast would have us believe.”

The biggest name there was probably Sharon Rooney who plays Rae in My Mad Fat Diary. A massive fan of the show (FINALLY, a star who doesn’t make anyone over size six want to shoot themselves), I almost wet myself when I found out she was going to be performing, but she took part in a four person sketch which, sadly, wasn’t the funniest. No matter though, I STILL LOVE YOU SHARON.

So, all in all, it was a good night and I would definitely recommend going. Word of warning though: do not sit at the front or your ego WILL take a severe bruising. I don’t know who in their right mind would sit at the front, bunch of crazies. But yeah, £2.00 is a bargain for a show that makes you giggle your little socks off.

(Or not…like I said, luck of the draw and all that).


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