I LOVE My Job, Ok?

I LOVE My Job, Ok?


This photo has nothing to do with what I’m going to write, but since I’m talking about the Spar all the time, I haven’t been putting up any photos and I miss it. I took this photo in Barcelona because the t-shirt made me giggle – yes, I am probably one of the most immature individuals out there, but seriously, it’s funny! I actually wish I bought it. I would never wear it out, but it would definitely make me giggle every bedtime. The owner was also getting a bit pissed off with me because I kept taking photos of all the funny things in the shop, but didn’t actually buy anything. That would annoy me in the Spar – if people came in, took some pictures of a lettuce, a jar of mayonnaise, and a carton of milk and then left. It would also be deemed a tad eccentric.

So anyway, the hair went down ok…I think. You can never tell, can you? If people are being sincere or lying their asses off? No one told me that I looked like a boy who had bird shit on his head, but then why would they? I wish they would. We could maybe be friends. My Dad would tell me straight, but when he came into the shop, he didn’t even notice anything different. OH MY GOD, I wish my Dad would just stay away from the shop. My new boss told me that he came in the other day and said, “Have you heard about Josie’s blog?” (he hasn’t because I don’t tell ANYONE about it) so Dad then told him, “Oh, you’re in it a LOT”.

Thanks a bunch, Dad.

Now I feel like I have to be really careful about what I write about. When my boss told me what Dad had said, I giggled very faintly and said, “I’ll send you a link” (NOT going to happen). I still have palpitations about a story I wrote about the Spar in school and sent off to the exam board.

So, just to clarify, the new owners are LOVELY. The other staff that I’ve known for years are LOVELY. The customers are LOVELY. The till is LOVELY. The mop is LOVELY. The fact the 50p’s are kept locked in the safe even though all the other change is kept outside it, is LOVELY. Everything is just LOVELY. LOVELY, LOVELY, LOVELY.


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