Blogging on a Boat; Day Two; Mayonnaise and Tabasco

Blogging on a Boat; Day Two; Mayonnaise and Tabasco

IMG_0995Today, I woke to sounds of laughter and convorting and splashing at four in the morning – my brother and my sort of brother were back from their night out and they had brought friends. It really did sound as though they were having loads of fun, but it also sounded as though they were very drunk and as I was very, very sober, I decided to roll over, plug into Pride and Prejudice and go back to sleep.

Lamest twenty-one year old ever.

But I did head to the bow of the boat today as we set sail! And it was going very well as the seas were a lot calmer. But then Dad turned on the generator, which turned off all the navigation instruments and made the boat lurch to the right and proceed to go round and round in circles until we figured out what the hell was going on. I swiftly returned to the safety of the cockpit once again, but maybe, maybe tomorrow will be different and I’ll get a full sail out by the bow. Although when I asked Dad what the chances were of dying if you fell off a boat and he replied with, “Man over board equals man dead”, my courage levels did indeed plummet and so we shall see.

Isola Ventotene proved to be a lovely place, although after dinner there, my courage levels in ordering the unknown have also plummeted. I went for “Il Crudo” and what I got was a plate of raw tuna and prawns. I usually quite like raw fish – it tastes so fresh and delicious – but I find the texture a bit difficult. If I was to eat it, I would only have a tiny bit of the fish to get the taste and a lot of rice or toast to mask the slimy texture, but last night I was confronted with just a big pile of the slimy fish. No bread or anything. And so I ate as much as I could and then swapped with my brother who absolutely loved it. He had ordered octopus, which I’m also a bit iffy about (tentacles) but I was hungry and it wasn’t as slimy as the tuna and prawns and so I gulped in down.

Something else I’ve noticed about Italians other than their laid-back attitude is the fact that couples do not talk to each other when they go out for dinner. I’ll have a look again tonight, but last night there were four or five tables of couples, eating their dinner in complete silence. I thought that it was nice that they were so comfortable with each other…or perhaps so accepting of the fact that they have nothing to say. Makes another difference from Britain where people tend to go purple with the effort of carrying on the conversation. If all else fails, MENTION THE WEATHER.

My brother has just turned up, brandishing a bowl and asking, “Josie, can you do this?”. He wants me to make my mayonnaise and tabasco dip. It’s really easy – it’s mayonnaise and tabasco – but he still insists that I make it. Lazy cow. But if you haven’t tried it, you should give it a go; it’s delicious with some bread or crisps! Although everyone (bar my brother and I) thinks it’s really spicy, but apparently Dad used to put tabasco in our milk when we were little and so we’re used to it.

I have no idea whether or not to believe this.

One thought on “Blogging on a Boat; Day Two; Mayonnaise and Tabasco

  1. Aww I love randomly ordering dishes in a foreign country, but you are right, it can backfire and all you are left with is a plate of slimy fish. Sounds like the perfect seaside location to be eating seafood in though. I would be more concerned if you were far away from the sea and eating raw fish. I will have to try your Mayo Tabasco dip. We had pulled pork tacos for dinner which had Mayo and hot sauce. It was delicious so I can imagine the dip.

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