Catch Up

Catch Up


Sup guys.

Oh, I do love a Sunday. Uh oh, my BF, who was sleeping soundlessly beside me, has now put his head under the covers. Ha, I’m always waking him up to the sound of typing…well, typing or the hair dryer.

I think couples should have their own bedrooms. I mean, they can sleep in the same bed, but they should totally have their own room to do WHATEVER they want. OOPS, he’s now very much awake so I smiled at him and started dancing a little to the Rihanna (just realised this is how she spells her name…ugh, popstars, what they like eh?) song I’m listening to. He then moved his hand to the earphones plugged into my computer, which I misconstrued as him wanting to listen to the song  so I unplugged them.

Bad move.

Rihanna BLARED out my speakers, which caused him to jump and put his head back under the covers just like a wee turtle, squealing, “Josie, it’s EARLY!”.

LOL. I don’t know why he’s still with me.

ANWAY. Sundays. They’re great aren’t they? Apart from the feeling of doom that you’ve got work the next day, although as I’m still working in the retail business, I’ve been working all weekend and I’m working tomorrow so the feeling of doom hasn’t left, which is sort of nice in a way.

I love a rainy Sunday. The kind of Sunday when you go to the shops and everyone smells of wet dog, last night’s booze, and toast. I love staying in bed and watching cooking programmes or reading an AWESOME book. I love having a late breakfast of egg rolls. Man, I’m a bit addicted to egg rolls at the minute. And (not to brag too much) I’m pretty great at making them. Let me share my wisdom:

Josie’s Egg Rolls 

(I don’t know why, but “Josie’s egg rolls” sounds weird and dirty).

First of all, don’t be stingy with the olive oil. Fill that pan up. You don’t want crispy eggs that stick to the pan and you can always use kitchen roll after they’re cooked to dap the oil off.

Secondly, leave the oil to heat up. You don’t want to be cracking eggs into cold oil – that is a rookie error, my friends. BUT you don’t want the oil to be too hot because then the eggs will cook too quickly and can burn a little. So you just want a nice medium temperature. 

Once you have that nice medium temperature, you can go ahead and crack those eggs into the pan. Don’t be demotivated if some shell gets in there too; just get it out asap, and when you’re alone in the kitchen, whose to know it ever happened?

Leave the eggs to cook on that nice medium temperature, and in the meantime, butter your rolls. You can use whatever rolls you want, but I always go for good Scottish morning rolls. OH YUM. Scottish rolls are a little crusty which is a nice contrast to that soft egg and melted butter.

Like the oil, I would suggest not being stingy with the butter. Just lather it on. The more there is, the more that melts into that crusty Scottish morning roll, transforming it into some sort of Scottish Brioche…maybe we could call it a Brioch? And, you know, pronounce the “ch” like we would with “loch”? Yeah, I think that works. Ah, I always love a good butcher of the French Language. 

Then when the eggs are looking almost done, flip those babies over. Now, this is the tricky bit. You want to cook them enough on the other side so that the yolk hardens a little, but doesn’t go completely hard. What you want to end up with is 70% hard yolk and 30% soft yolk. Although, I guess this part is up to preference. Like, I don’t like mess so I hate when the yolk bursts out of my roll and runs done my arms and goes on to the table. But I also don’t like a completely hard yolk; I like a soft yolk that is easy to control. 

So there you go. This recipe is so good that I should probably get it copyrighted, but I’m going to trust that you won’t take advantage of it.

Don’t let me down.

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