En Route to the Best City in the World: Glasgow!

En Route to the Best City in the World: Glasgow!

Although, there are many people who wouldn’t call Glasgow the best city in the world. A lot of people actually seem to think pretty bad things about it. Like, when I was at school and everyone was applying to University, NO ONE wanted to go to Glasgow except myself and ONE other friend! What was that about? And whenever I told people that my first choice was Glasgow, people would sort of look at me in disgust and ask why.

And you know what?

I had (and still have) no idea. I didn’t know anything about Glasgow and I think I just wanted to go there because no one else did. I was probably just trying to do that cool thing of doing the complete opposite of everyone else.

Ah well. We all make important life decisions in our own way, don’t we? Doing the opposite of what everyone else was doing was probably better than my other way of making important life decisions: The Tingles. That was when I would write my options down on different pieces of paper, scrumple them up, close my eyes, move my hand above them and then when my hand tingled I would pick the piece of paper that was nearest.

Shit. No wonder my life’s a mess.

Jokes. It’s actually alright.

ANYWAY. I actually do love Glasgow. I especially love the bars – they always play such good cheesy music. And I love the middle aged women. I love the way they dress. Anything goes with the middle aged women in Glasgow. The higher the heels, and the spottier the leopard print, the better! And they’re all so freakin’ friendly! And not in the fake, way overly nice way (that’s my kind of friendly), but in the good fun, slagging off kind of way. The kind of friendly that I could only dream of being.

Well, since I’m on the train and since the next stop is Glasgow Queen Street, I should probably go.

P.s. It’s absolutely chucking it down. Classic G-Town.

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