The Atkins Saturday

The Atkins Saturday

10:46 Okay so this weekend was really meant to be the Vegan weekend, but social gatherings have got in the way – THAT’S RIGHT I HAVE FRIENDS. A couple of friends from work are coming over tonight to watch The Jinx, a true crime documentary which is apparently even better than Making a Murderer AND Serial. This is a BIG statement. I mean, Making a Murderer was good, but it’s definitely a little biased towards portraying Steven’s innocence whereas Serial IS THE MOST AMAZING TRUE CRIME DOCUMENTARY IN THE WORLD. Sarah Koenig remains totally unbiased throughout the whole series and at the end you just have no idea whether or not Adnan is innocent!!

Oops, this blog is meant to be about food.

So I haven’t really done much reading into the whole Atkins thing – I’m planning on doing that this afternoon – so I’m not sure what the benefits are, but I do know that I’m not allowed to eat any carbs. This shouldn’t be too hard as I’ve been trying to do that anyway as carbs don’t really agree with me PLUS it means I get to have sausages and eggs for breakfast!!!!

I’m going for a run first though (got to get those steps up) and I’m already quite hungry so I had a wee tangerine (the tangerine is actually my flat-mate’s. I’m a terrible person. I’ve also been stealing her coats all week – they’re SO nice).

I forgot to take a before photo.

OH I haven’t told you why I had to change to the Atkins diet this weekend. Well, I have ANOTHER friend at work whose boyfriend is vegan and they’ve invited me around for a nice vegan dinner, but they couldn’t do this weekend (because they’re only drinking milkshakes – January, what’s it like, eh?) so I said I would gladly swap my diets around. And then the other friends who are coming around tonight wanted to get a takeaway so I figured I could just get a curry without the rice or nan… That’d be alright won’t it?

I’ll do some research.

14:18 So I still haven’t done any research on the Atkins diet. Basically everything I know about it is from Gavin and Stacey. You know that bit where Pam sits down to have dinner with Gavin and Michael? They’ve got Steak, chips, and peas, and because Pam is on the Atkins diet she substitutes hers chips for another steak so she ends up with two steaks on her plate. “You’re eating ‘alf a cow, woman!”. LOL (like really – I’m laughing out loud right now). In my opinion, it’s one of the funniest bits of Gavin and Stacey, and I think it’s because I can really relate to Pam. Whenever I’m on a dietfor everything I’m not allowed to eat, I double the amount of what I am allowed.

And I wonder why losing weight is so hard…

I am hoping to do some research on the diet later (is this what I’m going to say every weekend?), but at least I’ve got the jist of it. So far I really like it. I had two eggs and two square sausages smothered in brown sauce for breakfast, which was delicious. It was after my run as well so I was really hungry.

QUESTION: How come NO ONE looks red and sweaty when they go out for a run?!?!?!

This is what I look like.

Actually, I really don’t think this photo shows just how red and sweaty I get. I’ll try and get a better one next time. I guess it’s just because I’m really, really, really unfit. I mean, my main hobbies include eating, reading, writing, and watching TV. And sleeping. And going to the pub.

God this must be the worst food blog in the world.

15:59 For lunch I had celery, carrots, peppers, and hummus. It was alright, I guess:


This reason it was just “alright” is that I’ve been having this all week so today it just felt a little boring. It’s WAY tastier at work. I wonder why that is? Even yesterday it was delicious. ANYWAY. The hummus is homemade – I followed Jamie Oliver’s recipe, or well, I tried to follow it. To be honest, I totally suck at following any kind of instruction. Like, when Jamie said to use one garlic clove, I thought three would definitely be better. So I got three cloves out of the cupboard, but two out of the three were like twin cloves so really I put FIVE cloves of garlic into my hummus (I thought the two extra cloves was just a sign that it needed a bit more). Then I added two extra tablespoons of olive oil (just love the stuff), and instead of using three tablespoons of lemon juice, I used a whole lemon (which is definitely a lot more than three tablespoons). I put in less tahini because it smelled like peanut butter. Maybe I should properly write out these recipes? Maybe next time. Not to rain on Jamie’s parade or anything, but my hummus tasted particularly delicious.

I might write to him.

*Side note* Have you ever ate carrots and celery in an office? I’ve never been more self-conscious of crunching in my life.

22:39 Wow, I’m really not good at writing at night. It took me about five minutes to write that sentence. I should really keep this brief. But also, I’m a little shell-shocked after watching The Jinx. If you haven’t seen it and if you love true crime documentaries then go and watch it now. My friend was NOT lying when she said that it was even better than Making a Murderer and Serial. 

Seriously, it’s really is weird writing at night. It feels a lot more melancholy for some reason. I remember there was one night when I was staying at my Granny’s and I couldn’t sleep because I was feeling really nervous about something so I took out my computer and wrote a blog about it. My Granny, however, didn’t have any internet so I had to publish the blog the next morning. When I actually read over it the next morning though, I deleted it STRAIGHT AWAY. It’s like they say in How I Met Your Mother – “nothing good comes after two o’ clock in the morning”.

They speak the truth.

I think I failed the food blog today. Well, I guess my breakfast and lunch weren’t too bad, but for dinner I just had two battered sausages:


Now I know what you’re thinking – there’s chips (a.k.a CARBOHYDRATES) on top of those sausages. I actually asked for just the sausages, but alas the food diet gods wanted to challenge me. And challenge me they did. I welled up a little when I picked off the chips and offered them to my friends (very rarely do I share food).

So there you have it! My first day of the Atkins diet consisted of:

1x tangerine

2x poached eggs

1x square sausage

2x celery sticks

1x carrot

1x yellow pepper

2x battered sausgaes

(and 3x Galaxy Caramel blocks, 2x Quality Street Strawberry Creams, and 1x Quality Street Fudge)

ALSO did you know that carbohydrates are actually in EVERYTHING?! I mean, I’m assuming they were in the batter of the battered sausages, but apparently the Atkins diet is just a LOW carb diet so I think I’m good.

Right, I just took my bra off. This day is OVER.

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