My Huel Weekend

My Huel Weekend

08:35 Question: I’m guessing they call Huel ‘Huel’ as some sort of reference to ‘fuel’ because I think it’s meant to fuel you. But all it makes me think of is ‘gruel’. You know that stuff that Oliver Twist has to eat? Although he does ask for some more so maybe it isn’t as bad as it sounds. Haha, just realised that when I wrote ‘question’, I didn’t actually write a question. Woops.

ANYWAY. Yes. Today I’m going to be drinking Huel. I think people think it’s some sort of protein shake, but that’s not what it is. It’s more a substitute for food. It gives you all the nutrients your body needs so it’s definitely not a diet drink – diet drinks starve you of nutrients, don’t they? It kind of sounds like it’s for people who hate eating… People who see eating as a sort of inconvenience, which is definitely NOT me. I see not eating as an inconvenience.

I’ve just had a cup of tea. I’m guessing that’s allowed? If Huel’s a substitute for meals then surely I can drink what I like? And have snacks? I’m hoping I’m allowed snacks. We’re having a rugby day at ours today so I was going to get crisps, peanuts, yummy dips, and PIZZA. Okay, pizza’s definitely not a snack. But just because I’m on a Huel diet doesn’t mean everyone else has to suffer, do they?

I’m pretty selfless like that.

12:47 Okay so I didn’t have a Huel breakfast. The thing is, I went out for a really long cycle and when I got back home I just really wanted some eggs. AND. I had some leftover salad that I needed to eat today so I thought it would be quite good to eat that with the eggs. Although actually, I didn’t end up eating the salad because I put copious amounts of olive oil and lemon juice on it last night and it was REALLY soggy this morning. I did make myself another salad though:


Okay, this isn’t a photo of my breakfast this morning, but it was my dinner last night and it was DELICIOUS. Rocket leaves and tomatoes (dressed in copious amounts of olive oil and lemon juice and salt), fried halloumi, olives, salami and parma ham…oh god, I need to have this for dinner again tonight.

NO. I’ll have Huel. Or I’ll definitely have some tomorrow. Or maybe for lunch during the week.

12:20 I’ve found the picture of my breakfast! Check it out:


I know what you’re thinking. You want me to come round and make poached eggs for you, don’t you? Well, I wish I could take all the credit for it, but it was really just the poaching pan I used.

People are arriving for the rugby in about 20 minutes. I’m such a good hostess. I’ve sent my boyfriend to the shops for lots of yummy food. And drink. Some of my friends REALLY like rugby. I don’t. I don’t really like watching any sport, but I do like eating yummy food and drinking. I’ve decided to drink Corona today as it hopefully won’t get me too drunk too quickly.

My boyfriend just called and said that the shop didn’t have any big variety Walkers packs, which is a shame. I normally love putting different flavours of crisps into one big bowl and then getting a surprise when you eat them. Don’t get me wrong, it can sometimes be disappointing when you get a boring plain crisp, but the mixture of cheese and onion with salt and vinegar is DEVINE. It’s like the whole sweet and sour kind of thing.

I better run and make sure the flat is semi-presentable. I don’t know why I said that because I already know it is. I stayed in last night, drank some wine and watched a beastin’ romcom. And then I tidied up my mess and did the dishes.

Hostess SKILLZ.
Sunday 11:21 So I’ve decided that this blog is now a ‘Huel Weekend’ type of thing since people arrived yesterday, the drink was flowing, and the words weren’t. Aww man, people brought so many snacks! It was insane! Crisps, peanuts, dip, cheese twists, chocolate, and even apples! Because I’ve been trying to be really good recently, I just sort of cracked and ate all the salty food. No regrets. It was so good. Oh and then at about 9 o’ clock I ate an apple so I had a pretty balanced day.

So…you may have heard that Scotland won? THEY WON!!!!!!!!!!! I actually don’t care all that much, but my boyfriend and some of our friends were really happy and happiness is kind of infectious. I had to run to Sainsbury’s at one point to get some more alcohol. There’s a Spanish girl who works there (I sort of love her) and she was saying it had been such a busy day. So many people were coming in drunk and speaking Mexican to her. She said that she was saving up all her Sainsbury’s stories for a book.

Later on in the evening, my boyfriend had to run to the nearest chipper with a detailed order from myself and our friends. I decided to change things up and NOT go for a sausage supper. Instead, I went for one smoked sausage with onion rings. Apparently the people who worked in the chipper were really confused about the order. At every stage of the order they would say, “with ONION RINGS?!”. I don’t know why more people don’t order it. It was delicious.

So as you can probably gather, I didn’t have any Huel yesterday, but I DID have it for breakfast this morning!!!!!

It was GROSS.

I feel kind of bad saying that because a friend got me this big bag of Huel for my birthday. Sorry Noel. I am going to “eat” it all, but I just don’t think I could have it as a substitute for every meal. I would go insane. Although I don’t think that’s how you’re necessarily meant to use it. I think you can just substitute it for whatever meal whenever. I’m going to have it for lunch at work. I normally always work through my lunch so Huel would make that nice and easy. I just love food too much to have it substitute every meal. I know Huel is good because it gives you all the nutrients your body needs, but I don’t have a problem with nutrients. I actually LOVE healthy food. I love all kinds of food.

Well, apart from fruit. I hate fruit.




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