Cousins Reunion

Cousins Reunion

So if you’ve been reading my blog for a while (or if you actually know me – the majority of my readership) you will know that my dad is NUTS. But something you might not know is that he has four brothers and sisters. Or three brothers and one sister to be exact. And they were all a bit nuts too. They were all so nuts – and so nuts in their own way – that they would clash quite a bit. They were all very hot-headed and they liked an argument. In fact, they liked to argue so much that they haven’t spoken in YEARS. The last time I saw my uncle Graham was when he threw my dad in a pool in Greece in 2001. Ha, that was such a tense holiday. And I was only 9 so I was acutely aware of the tensions (children are more aware, aren’t they?).

My god, I’m rambling. Can you tell I haven’t written a blog in a wee while?

Anyway, to cut a long story short – they didn’t get on. And it was a shame because in the short periods of time that they would tolerate each other, I really liked my cousins. They were awesome! But aside from playing restaurants and “We’re orphans, right? And we’ve just woken up in a jungle…”, I didn’t get to know them very well.

*Dramatic pause*


We’re all heading to Glasgow for one big reunion. Just the cousins though. No adults allowed. And eeeee!

I’m nervous.

They all seem REALLY cool. At least my brother will be there – although he is also quite cool. Meh. It’ll be grand. They say blood is thicker than water, right? And I’m on my third can of gin and tonic so that’s got to help.

Next stop Glasgow Queen Street.

Wish me luck.

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