A Wholesome Weekend

A Wholesome Weekend


09:35 I’m trying really hard to get up and go to the gym. After years of being told that exercise is good for you, I have finally come to that same realisation. I feel INCREDIBLE after every workout. I have too many endorphins to worry about what awkward thing I said to someone a week ago or how I’m definitely going to be fired any day or how I’m 25 and STILL haven’t lived in another country or written my book or got a cat or bla bla bla.

But even though exercise makes me feel good, I still really fucking hate it. I hate everything about it that isn’t finishing. Although I even hate finishing because then I have to take off my sport clothes (is that the correct term?) and that can be even worse than the actual exercise. Question: How do people make getting undressed in the gym look so effortless? They’re just in their sport clothes one minute and the next they’re fully dressed! HOW? I’m in my sport clothes one minute and the next I can’t get my trousers passed my thighs and my bum’s been out in full view for what feels like a decade.

But at least it’s a Saturday so I won’t need to get changed at the gym.

Right. I’m going. I’m getting up. URGHHHH. Does anyone actually look forward to exercising????????

10:57 The gym is done. Although I feel like I didn’t really complete a good session. I went into the weight room after doing my cardio but there was a man there who knew what he was doing, so I picked up some weights that were way too light, did one clumsy squat, then hauled my ass out of there.

Breakie time.

12:48 Breakie is done. AND MY GOD IT WAS AMAZING. You want to see what I made?


Oh yeah. Sourdough toast slathered in delicious full fat butter, asparagus (fried in delicious full fat butter), avocado, tomatoes, and poached eggs. I already know this is going to be the highlight of my weekend.

I’m currently drinking a wee cup of tea with almond milk. I thought I’d try it after a character in a TV show said that soy milk gives you breast cancer. I definitely prefer soy milk. Almond milk is a bit nutty. Hmm…

I’m trying a new sort of diet. Whenever I dieted before, I would pretty much starve myself while I was at work and then I’d go home and eat my weight in EVERYTHING. As you can probably gather, it didn’t really do me that much good. Now I’m just trying to make an effort with food. I’m quite lucky in that I don’t really like sweet things all that much. I don’t crave sugary doughnuts (although I always lose at least 10 minutes of shopping time to just drooling in front of the Krispy Kreme counter in Tesco) or chocolate or strawberry laces – just thinking about them makes my teeth go all weird. So I never have to battle with myself not to eat sweets. My battle centres around really unhealthy savoury food. Things like crisps and chips and cheese and onion rings and potato scones and ooh scones and brioche buns with cheese and bread slathered in fish roe (don’t knock it till you try it).

The thing is though, I also love healthy savoury food. Things like avocados and nuts (apart from almonds it seems) and hummus and aubergines and pretty much any vegetable and lean meat and all kinds of fish. It’s just that I’m so lazy I never cook anything that tasty and nutritious for dinner and I don’t get organised enough to prepare lunches for the week.

So that’s what I’ve been trying to change. And even though I hate cooking, it can be fun sometimes. Especially with a wee glass of wine and a good podcast or audiobook on in the background. I’ve also started going to the gym, so instead of trying to cut my meals down, I let myself eat as much as I want (within moderation – if I was to truly let myself go I’d eat the whole of Scotland).

Anyway, I should really go and shower.

17:09 Went for a wee walk in the Botanic Gardens with the boyf. It was nice. My brain’s been a bit weird this week and I’ve pretty much been binge-drinking every weekend since November, so I wanted this weekend to be very wholesome. No drinking (although I’ll probably have a small glass of red wine tonight), good eating, a spot of exercise, and a good book.

Makes you sick, doesn’t it?


09:40 So funnily enough, I actually got sick. Sore bones, shivery, fever, sore throat bla bla bla. Still had my wee glass of red wine though. Which I did while eating some leftover chilli:


I feel like alcohol can actually help you get better. Like, you know how you’d put it on a cut to help it heal? Well, I feel like it does the same thing to whatever bugs you’ve got. Just kills them. Boom. Although sadly, I still feel like shit today. Maybe it’s because I keep drinking when I’m ill.

The leftover chilli was YUM. Chilli’s definitely get better the longer they’re left, don’t they? Have you ever found that normal online recipes are pretty skimpy with flavour? I find that all the time. If I follow recipes to the bone, the meal always comes out bland. So now I don’t trust them. Only put one teaspoon of cumin in? I put in two tablespoons. Two cloves of garlic???? Come on, it surely means five.

We ate the chilli while watching Apollo 13 – our go-to film. We pretty much watch it every six months. Because it’s INCRED. Although it does make me mad that the only female characters were the wives and mums who were sitting at home all worried. Pfffft. I know it’s based on a real story and that there would have been no female engineers or mathematicians or doctors or physicists or scientists or electricians working in NASA at the time BUT THAT GETS ME ALL RILED.

Other than that, I really like the film. No matter how many times I watch it, I’m always so scared that they won’t make it home. That their heat shield will crack or they’ll run out of power or they’ll freeze to death or, if they do manage to get back to earth safely, they’ll be killed in the typhoon that’s heading straight for their landing spot. That would be the biggest sod’s law of all time.

Meant to

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