My Vegan Saturday

My Vegan Saturday

08:04 Although actually, my vegan weekend began last night. Remember I told you I had a friend at work whose boyfriend was vegan so they invited me around for dinner? Well, that happened last night and it was GLORIOUS.

When we arrived, her boyfriend greeted us with cava, these brown corn chip things, and guacamole. If I could, I would come home to that sight EVERY day. And I’m just going to get this out the way now: that guacamole was the TASTIEST guacamole I have ever had. And it was so nice with those brown corn chip things! Then my boyfriend arrived and he said the guacamole was even better than mine, which upset me a little, but I’m over it now. We’re going to invite them around to ours so we can have a GUAC OFF.

Tickets coming soon.

We actually kind of forced him to make us more guacamole, which was both wonderful and terrible. I ATE SO MUCH that I was stuffed by the time dinner – tofu burgers and sweet potato fries – was ready. But did I let the copious amounts of guac consumed prevent me from eating my entire dinner? I did not. He coated the sweet potato fries in some sort of curry sauce, which was majorly professional. That’s what got me about this guy: he can cook!  You know how you normally go around to your friends for dinner and their food is always nice because you’re STARVING, but it’s never the most amazing food in the world? Well, last night was not like that. Everything was pure Masterchef level. So neat, delicate, and tasty. But am I now a fake meat convert? Sorry, but no. I need breaded chicken in my life.

I will say this though: people who cook without meat are much better chefs. They sort of have to be. You can fry a steak and do absolutely nothing to it and it would be DELICIOUS, but I can’t imagine you can do the same with tofu. You’ve actually got to be quite good at the whole negotiating herbs and spices thing.

This has got me thinking that the rest of my vegan weekend is going to be totally shit.

09:14 FUCK. Just remembered that I put milk in the tea that I drank this morning. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!?!?!?!?!

09:57 So because I hadn’t showered and because I really didn’t want to get dressed, I decided to try and make a tasty, vegan breakfast from the contents we already had in our fridge. This meant that for breakfast today I had a bowl of very out of date mushrooms:


I’ll have a look at some nice vegan recipes later on and try and make a proper tasty vegan dinner tonight. If it goes well today, I might try and do vegan for a little bit longer. The only problem is that I’m not eating bread. I think I’d find being vegan easy enough if I was eating bread – I’d just have toast and guacamole all day every day – but without it, I don’t really know what I’d eat and enjoy.

I’ll have a look at some recipes.

RIGHT. I really have to go for a shower now. I’m meeting a friend who has THE CUTEST BABY IN THE WORLD soon and I’m so excited.

15:42 Guys, I want a baby so bad. I can hardly write I’m so broody. I think I’m ovulating as well so that can’t be helping. I want a baby, my body wants a baby – everybody wants a baby! Well, except my boyfriend.


Okay, FOOD. I’ve actually managed to stay vegan today (well, apart from that cup of tea with the milk), which feels good! I went to Starbucks and I got a soy milk caramel latte to go. I didn’t know what I wanted – I had to ask – but it tasted great! Although I actually didn’t drink that much of it because I’m not very good at drinking and walking at the same time, and then when we got to my friend’s house I was just so distracted by her lovely baby. My friend got a caramel latte with coconut milk so I might try that tomorrow. She also gave me a book of vegan recipes so I stopped by Tesco on my way home and got all the ingredients to make a nice curry tonight. I know it’s only been half a day (and that I have already kind of failed), but I really think I’m going to try and be vegan for a little bit longer. We even got a take away vegan pizza today and it tasted like a normal pizza! I think they used coconut oil instead of cheese. I could really get on board with this whole vegan thing if I’m allowed to eat pizza.

Oh. I would miss the sausage suppers, though.

16:35 I’VE GOT A BIKE AND IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! One of my friends gave it to me for a very good price and I’m so friggin’ excited to ride it! If I don’t get too drunk tonight, I’m going to go out for a cycle tomorrow. I think I’ll try to cycle to work so I sort of know what I’m doing on Monday morning. I can’t believe I’ve got a bike. I can’t believe I’m being vegan. I’m so… one with nature.

19:00 So after I wrote that last post, I fell fast asleep (the excitement of babies and bikes was obviously just too much), which meant that when I woke up I didn’t have time to make dinner as I had a leaving party to get to. And so, I got my second take away of the day: Sabzi Makhani, which is also vegan!

I am so rocking this whole vegan thing.